Wooden Jack / Jointer Plane


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This is a beautiful wooden plane made by EMIR (Friedrich Wilhelm Emmerich started manufacturing high quality hand tools in London since 1832) This plane is from the 1950s.

At 17 inches long this plane is a little long for a Jack plane but a little short for a Jointer. However, this plane is a really lovely plane and acts like a small jointer, leaving the stock flat and smooth.

It has an Iron with a nearly fully flat profile, (just curved in a little at the edges), and its mirror polished bevel gives fine shavings.

It has been refurbished by Classic Tools, including the bottom of the plane being re-flattened.

Its size is approx. 17″ by 3″ (43cm by 8cm) with a 2¼” (6cm) wide iron.

The front of the plane body is stamped with “H/1751, 195?, EMIR, made in London”.

This would be a lovely plane to put into use or as a display item.


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